Welcome to Open Lines to Intercultural Dialogue, an online participatory project initiated by LabforCulture.

The project undertakes to visualise language. Open Lines to Intercultural Dialogue will invite people from around the world to share their personal interpretations of intercultural dialogue.You will be asked to translate 'intercultural dialogue' into your own language and to give a one line description of what it means to you, in your own language. Then translate your description into English yourself and send both the original language line and the translation to LabforCulture

The lines, in both original languages and in English, will be collected on LabforCulture.org. Their similarities and variations will be traced and connected within a lyrical interface design. Visitors will be able to intuitively navigate through the interpretations, deriving their own associative meanings from the existing lines while being encouraged to add their own.

You will also be able to send an audio message of your interpretation.

It is a simple 3-step process and we would like your reflection to be spontaneous!
If you have any questions, contact: helpdesk@labforculture.org

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